Alternative dispute resolution

Legal ICT offers mediation, binding opinions, legal assistance in the out-of-court process, legal action against or defence in IP matters, and legal assistance in court proceedings, SGOA proceedings, WIPO proceedings and, of course, collections.

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Alternative dispute resolution

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a broadly used term for different forms of out-of-court dispute resolution. Two elective forms of ADR are discussed below. The term ADR covers many forms of dispute resolution, such as the SIDN and WIPO proceedings, and those of the Dutch Foundation for Consumer Complaints Boards. These proceedings are subject to specific and very extensive regulations. The forms below are elective and have a very short processing time.

This can be critical, for example, when parties want to continue their collaboration but disagree about a hurdle that needs to be removed so that a project can proceed. But also when if the parties do not want to continue their collaboration, and want to agree on specific transfer activities and conditions, the procedures below are more suitable than relying on an uncertain decision by an authoritative body, such as the competent court.


Mediation if a form of alternative dispute resolution where an impartial conflict resolution expert – the mediator – assists in the communications and negotiations between two or more parties so as to reach mutually agreed solutions.

It is important that the parties jointly agree to submit their dispute to an impartial mediator and that the discussions are confidential. Mediation is a short and effective process to reach a solution, especially when parties are not solely interested in how to divide the pie. A mediation process is relatively inexpensive and often has a positive effect on the customer relationship, which can then continue despite the dispute. Following a court case, parties usually have no interest in ever doing business with each other again.

If the parties reach an agreement, the mediator will ensure that this is recorded in a settlement agreement. If the mediation does not succeed, everything that has been said and offered remains confidential and may therefore not be used in court. So, this can be a good intermediate step, as the parties really have nothing to lose, except some time and effort.

Legal ICT offers mediation by experienced mediators who are specialised in ICT law. Thanks to the mediators’ decisiveness and knowledge of ICT issues, a conflict can often be resolved quickly.

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Binding opinion 

If parties disagree as to the appropriate resolution of a dispute and whether the work delivered or solution offered is in accordance with the quotation, they can agree to be bound by the judgment or opinion of an expert instead of submitting the dispute to a court or arbitrator, such as the SGOA.

The decision by this expert is referred to as a binding opinion. Although the word ‘opinion’ may suggest otherwise, the parties are not allowed to disregard it. The parties are bound by the binding opinion and required by law to comply with it.

The advantage of a binding opinion is that the entire process from request to outcome takes only a few weeks and costs considerably less than court proceedings or arbitration. The legal advisors of Legal ICT are up to speed with the latest developments in the field of ICT law and ICT technology. Legal ICT is therefore in an excellent position to provide parties with expert advice.

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Legal ICT offers various services, such as legal assistance in the out-of-court process, legal action against or defence in IP matters, and legal assistance in court proceedings, SGOA proceedings and WIPO proceedings.

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Professional: immediate expert support from experienced (litigation) lawyers.

Versatile: our legal advisors have studied a broad range of subjects and can perform a wide variety of tasks.

Creative: by taking a helicopter view, our lawyers can offer multiple solutions.
Reliable: our lawyers monitor deadlines and keep to their agreements.

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