Advice on IT outsourcing

More and more organisations are opting to outsource all or part of their IT infrastructure to a specialised third party. As IT systems are increasingly playing a powerful or even business-critical role, this requires careful consideration and making proper agreements with the engaged third party. Legal ICT is happy to provide you with practical advice in this respect.

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Support with outsourcing and migration projects

The legal advisors of Legal ICT have extensive experience in assisting in various outsourcing and migration projects. Depending on the industry in which you operate, we will also consider the specific laws and regulations that apply to you. 

If personal data is processed through the IT systems, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is relevant. But if your organisation operates in the financial sector, financial regulatory law may also play a role.

How can Legal ICT help your organisation?

Our legal advisors can assist you in all phases of an outsourcing or migration project. Such as: 

  • Tacking stock of the legal situation
    When you are still in the preliminary phase, our lawyers can already advise you on key legal points to consider when outsourcing services. This prevents unpleasant surprises later in the process. You may also need (or want) to perform a data protection impact assessment (DPIA). The lawyers at Legal ICT can help you with this.

  • Invitations to tender and selection
    To achieve a good end result, thorough preparations need to be made for the invitation to tender and selection process. Legal ICT has several in-house specialists with specific knowledge of public procurement procedures and the applicable laws and regulations.
  • Contracting and negotiating
    The collaboration with your provider will hopefully run smoothly. However, should problems arise along the way, it is essential that good agreements have been made. The lawyers of Legal ICT have extensive experience in drawing up, reviewing and negotiating a wide range of IT contracts.

  • Continuity and escrow
    If you outsource important business processes to a third party, this inevitably creates a relationship of dependency. Therefore, practical and contractual safeguards need to be taken to ensure continued access to your data or purchased service in the event of problems or disagreements.

  • Exit and disputes
    You may at some point decide to ‘insource’ the outsourced services again, or to use a solution from another party for this. In that case, you need to prevent that the migration disrupts or impedes your operations. We can help you draw up a sound exit plan (preferably as soon as the agreement is signed) to prevent problems arising in the exit phase. And even if you part ways on bad terms, we can support you to prevent the dispute from escalating.

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Our legal advisors

Meet our legal advisors. They will be happy to assist your organisation with practical advice:

Benefits of Legal ICT


Professional: you benefit from our years of experience in ICT, privacy and law


Versatile: our legal advisers have studied a broad range of subjects and can perform a wide variety of tasks


Practical: easily understandable and practical advice without legal jargon

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