The Annotated AI Act

Author: Arnoud Engelfriet
Publication in July 2024 (estimate)

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Contents of the book

The upcoming AI Act marks a turning point in the regulation of artificial intelligence, putting the legality and ethics of AI at the top of mind. This new European Regulation sets strict rules for the application of AI and uses a risk-based approach. This English-language book is your indispensable reference. Each section of the Act is thoroughly analyzed and discussed, with a focus on the practical implications for legal professionals.

What does the book offer you?

We unravel the complexity of the law by:

  • Practical interpretations of the rules and the context in which they should be placed.
  • Concrete examples that translate theory into practice.
  • Extensive cross-references that provide deeper insight and clarify the connections between different articles.
  • Connections to the underlying principles of 'trustworthy AI' as put front and center by the EU.

With this guide at hand, you will be able to not only meet the requirements of the AI Act, but also gain an edge in a rapidly evolving legal environment. It is an indispensable tool for every legal professional dealing with AI and its regulations.

The book is in the English language and will become available in July 2024, as soon as the AI Act has been officially published. You can pre-order now and be the first to receive the book.

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