Arnoud Engelfriet

General Director / Program Director

Arnoud Engelfriet is General Director and Program Director at ICTRecht. In 2008 Arnoud switched to our mother company ICTRecht. He specializes in Internet law, which he has been involved with since 1993. With his IT background, he likes to focus on complex technical / legal ICT issues and software licenses (especially open source). His website, Ius mentis, is one of the most popular in the Netherlands about ICT and law.

Within ICTRecht, Arnoud is ultimately responsible for the ICTRecht Academy. In addition to his work at Legal ICT and ICTRecht, Arnoud is a part-time lecturer at the Vrije Universiteit.

Before joining ICTRecht, Arnoud worked for nine years as a Patent attorney and IP Counsel at Philips. His field of activity included software, ICT contracts, joint collaboration agreements (JDA’s) and patent and technology licenses.

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Arnoud Engelfriet