Vision & method of working

We strive to be the leading experts at the intersection of ICT and the law. We are flexible and reliable, approaching legal issues in a practical manner.

Who is Legal ICT?

Legal ICT is an international law firm specialized in ICT/IT, privacy, security and intellectual property law. From our offices in Brussels, Amsterdam and Groningen, we provide our clients with practical legal advice. 

We provide practical and concrete legal advice that you can work with right away. All of our legal advisors have a thorough understanding of both the legal and technological aspects of ICT law. This enables us to tailor our advice for a diverse portfolio of clients, who range from multinationals to SMEs and start-ups. Legal ICT is currently based in Brussels, at the heart of European law-making, and is particularly focused on advising clients who are, or wish to become, active across multiple jurisdictions in the European Union.

Our legal advisors help with drafting documents and negotiating, for example IT contracts or privacy-related questions. In addition to providing advice, we provide in-house training and secondment services.

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Our vision on IT-law

Technological developments, such as convergence, occur much faster than laws can ever be adapted. To properly apply laws to the current technological reality is a constant challenge, because these laws were often written with a very different or outdated technological reality in mind. At Legal ICT, we enjoy this challenge and are passionate about harnessing our legal and technological expertise to provide high quality, practical advice.

Instead of lengthy documents full of ‘legalese’ concluding with ‘it depends’, we deliver legal advice which you can use right away.

And that is exactly what Legal ICT delivers.

History of Legal ICT

Legal ICT was established in 2010 as the international department of mother company ICTRecht, advising clients on international matters in the English language. Nowadays, Legal ICT can be found in Brussels, at the heart of legal developments in the EU.

ICTRecht was founded by Steven Ras in 2004. Arnoud Engelfriet switched to ICTRecht in 2008. This is how ICTRecht grew into a complete law firm for ICT, privacy, security and the internet in general. Legal ICT and ICTRecht have recently expanded to around sixty employees in total.


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The Legal ICT team

Meet our legal experts. They assist organisations with practical legal advice.

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