Steven Ras

General Director

Steven Ras is a General Director at Legal ICT. He is specialized in Information and Communication Technology law, particularly in the field of ICT contracts, digitalization processes (electronic signature), e-commerce, cloud and privacy issues.

Due to his background as an internet entrepreneur, he is very interested in Internet law and the related legal issues. Within Legal ICT, Steven is also involved in innovation, acquisitions and customer quality.

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Steven Ras

About Legal ICT

Legal ICT is the international branch of ICTRecht based in Brussels, at the heart of European law-making. Since 2010, Legal ICT has been serving national and international clients with legal advice about ICT/IT, privacy and intellectual property law. Legal ICT is particularly focused on advising clients who are, or wish to become, active across multiple jurisdictions in the EU. All of our legal advisors have a thorough understanding of both the legal and technological aspects of ICT law. We are flexible and reliable, approaching legal issues in a practical manner.


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