Need a continuity or escrow solution?

If a cloud service provider goes bankrupt, has been granted a moratorium or simply decides to terminate a service, the customer needs to have an arrangement ensuring continued access to the data, and preferably also to the application. At least until an alternative has been found. This requires a practical and legally sound continuity or escrow solution. Legal ICT is specialised in this field.

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Advice from Legal ICT on your continuity or escrow solution

Would you like to set up a continuity or escrow arrangement for your organisation? Or have you been offered a continuity or escrow solution? The specialists of Legal ICT have years of experience in developing tailor-made and standard continuity and escrow solutions. We will ensure that the solution has a sound legal basis and we will also assess it in practice. Thanks to our contacts with leading bankruptcy trustees, civil-law notaries and engineers from the hosting world, our advice and arrangements are in line with the latest technology, case law and laws and regulations.

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Solutions we offer for your organisation:

  • Affiliation with a trusted third party that temporarily continues the service, such as the Continuity of Internet Services Foundation, an initiative set up by ICTRecht (the mother company of Legal ICT); you also have the option to set up your own foundation
  • Software and SaaS escrow solutions, including legal and technical verification
  • Notarial escrow arrangement in collaboration with civil-law notaries
  • Technical and legal verifications of source codes, for example through OSS compliance checks by our open-source specialists
  • Continuity in the cloud, including legal continuity scans, continuity advice and continuity solutions, such as separation of essential parts and operational risks
  • Transfer, division or pledging of copyrights
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What if a cloud service is no longer provided?

It is important – for both the customer and provider – to consider what the consequences would be of a bankruptcy and how these can be addressed. This should obviously be done well in advance. Given the consequences of such an event, making proper arrangements for a continuity or escrow solution is essential. After all, if the online accounting package or CRM package is no longer available, the customer’s operations will also flatline.

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