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The Dutch government is rapidly expanding its online services. This innovative work practice, however, poses several legal and governance risks to the public authorities. As a specialist in ICT and law, Legal ICT regularly collaborates with semi-public institutions and government bodies on specific projects.

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Government in the cloud

ICT and the internet are no longer lawless cyberspaces. More and more laws and regulations are being introduced to regulate the use of the internet and curb its abuse, from legislation on web shops to rules for hosting companies and the criminalisation of identity fraud. Government bodies are also increasingly using the cloud. This has many advantages, but also creates a number of specific risks and obligations for the government.

These include the requirements under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the risks a government body runs if it does not comply with it, the obligation to make government websites accessible to the disabled, and the growing dependence of many government bodies on ICT providers. Furthermore, specific legal requirements, such as those laid down in the Dutch Digital Government Act, will become ever more important as our information society matures.

How can Legal ICT assist you with this?

The specialists at Legal ICT can assist government bodies with getting a grip on the applicable legislation and complying with the resulting obligations.

We have extensive and demonstrable experience with relevant matters in this field, including:

  • Drawing up and assessing municipal purchasing conditions
  • Advice on open source, open standards and open data
  • Advice on public procurement for ICT projects
  • Promoting vendor independence
  • Legal policy research
  • Studies by the Netherlands Court of Audit
  • Writing guidance
  • Assessing your website against the laws and regulations
  • Advice on Dutch Government Information (Public Access) Act (WOB) and reuse
  • Dutch Digital Government Act / European eIDAS Regulation
  • Assessing your email guidelines and email disclaimer
  • Advice on Dutch Archive Act and GDPR
  • Performing DPIAs
  • Providing training to civil servants on digital government
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Our legal advisors

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