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Every organisation processes personal data. Processing personal data comes with numerous legal obligations, particularly since the introduction of the GDPR. This may raise questions in your organisation. The privacy lawyers of Legal ICT help your organisation to act in compliance with privacy legislation.

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Years of experience in the field of privacy & law

From performing a privacy audit or data protection impact assessment (DPIA) to drawing up, checking and negotiating on various privacy documents (such as data processing agreements and privacy statements); our privacy lawyers are ready to provide you with practical legal advice. 

In addition, our privacy lawyers can fulfil the role of data protection officer (DPO) in your organisation and create privacy awareness among your employees.

In short, our privacy lawyers ensure compliance with the GDPR.

Options for your organisation

Remote privacy lawyer: operating remotely, our privacy lawyer will answer your questions and give your organisation practical advice.

In-house privacy lawyer: do you prefer receiving support from an in-house privacy lawyer? Use our secondment service. Our experienced privacy lawyers can work at your premises. This ensures you always have the right knowledge in your company. We offer a flexible number of hours, starting from 8 hours per week.


Benefits of engaging our privacy lawyers

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Professional: an experienced and practice-oriented privacy lawyer at your disposal.
Flexible: guaranteed flexible collaboration without a notice period.
Quick deployment: our privacy lawyers can be deployed immediately.
Versatile: your privacy lawyer is not only an expert in the field of privacy, but also an all-round ICT lawyer.
''The expertise of Legal ICT means you only need half a word to be fully understood, and to make the right choices. Short response times make for a pleasureable customer experience!"
- Yourhosting

Our privacy advisors

Meet our privacy advisors. They will be happy to assist your organisation with practical advice:

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When you enquire about our services, we will always first arrange a non-binding introductory meeting by phone, at our office or at your premises.

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