Dispute resolution and legal assistance

Almost every company has to deal with disputes. You may receive a complaint about your services or products, or you immediately receive a demand letter on account of an alleged IP infringement or breach of contract. Legal ICT offers mediation, binding opinions, legal assistance in the out-of-court process, legal action against or defence in IP matters, and legal assistance in court proceedings and in proceedings before the Foundation for the Resolution of Automation Disputes (SGOA) and the WIPO and, of course, collections.

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Assistance with resolving IT disputes

Sometimes, even though it is as clear as day that you are fully within your rights, the other party unfortunately remains stubborn. Sending a stern reminder or demand letter may then be the only way to get the other party to budge. Drawing up an effective letter is an art. Moreover, the law sets specific requirements for certain types of letters, such as a complaint or demand letter. Professional assistance is therefore highly recommended. The legal advisers of Legal ICT can take this difficult process off your hands and conduct the correspondence and negotiations on your behalf. If necessary, we will not hesitate to take legal action. The legal advisers of Legal ICT are specialised in IT conflicts and domain name disputes. Hence, they have extensive experience with court proceedings and proceedings before the SGOA, the Foundation for Internet Domain Registration (SIDN) and the WIPO.

Advantages of legal assistance by Legal ICT


Professional: immediate expert support from experienced (litigation) lawyers.


Versatile: our legal advisors have studied a broad range of subjects and can perform a wide variety of tasks.

Creative: by taking a helicopter view, our lawyers can offer multiple solutions.

Reliable: our lawyers monitor deadlines and keep to their agreements.

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