Drawing up legal documents?

ICTRecht offers support in the form of practical legal advice. We have years of experience in drawing up and assessing a wide range of privacy documents and complex ICT contracts. Alternatively, if you would like to quickly draft a standard legal document yourself, you can generate a document within minutes in our document shop.

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A tailor-made legal document

In some cases, your organisation is required to have particular legal documents. In other situations, legal documents can prevent disputes at a later date. The following situations come to mind:

  • If your organisation processes personal data, a privacy statement is mandatory under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and you may also need to have a data processing agreement.
  • If you develop software and want to have general terms and conditions drawn up, it is important to stipulate clear arrangements, given the complexity of ICT projects. This way, both parties know what they can expect from each other.
  • If you want to specify the quality of your services, you can draw up a service level agreement (SLA ) to give your customer insight into the guarantees you provide. However, these guarantees and the legal consequences of breaching them need to be carefully considered.

With their thorough knowledge of ICT, privacy and law, and an eye for your business interests, the expert legal advisers of ICTRecht draw up tailor-made legal documents for you. We can also help you with a quick scan or comprehensive review of an existing document.

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Your own standard document at your disposal within minutes

In our document shop, you can quickly and easily order the legal document you need. With the help of our wizards you will have the agreement at your disposal within minutes.

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About ICTRecht

ICTRecht is the international branch of ICTRecht based in Brussels, at the heart of European law-making. Since 2010, ICTRecht has been serving national and international clients with legal advice about ICT/IT, privacy and intellectual property law. ICTRecht is particularly focused on advising clients who are, or wish to become, active across multiple jurisdictions in the EU. All of our legal advisors have a thorough understanding of both the legal and technological aspects of ICT law. We are flexible and reliable, approaching legal issues in a practical manner.

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