Electronic health records (EPD and ECD)

The first step towards digitalisation in healthcare is the implementation of an electronic care information system. In the Netherlands, care providers use the electronic patient record (EPD) and electronic client record (ECD) systems to keep health records on patients and clients.

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Support from Legal ICT

The care information system is often linked to a personal health environment and eHealth applications, connected to the services of Vektis and VECOZO, and used to facilitate collaboration with financial service providers. 

Both the user and the provider of a care information system must comply with specific and more general laws and regulations.

We would be happy to support you in applying laws and regulations in your practice.

Our support can include advising on how to comply with laws and regulations, drawing up or reviewing documents, handling negotiations and providing continuous remote or on-site support.



 We have experience in providing legal advice and training to healthcare providers, ICT service providers, sector organisations and government bodies on various matters, including:

  • How online services qualify in legal terms. For example, determining whether the online service qualifies as an electronic exchange system, a care information system, a medical device or an information society service. But also whether a particular digital process qualifies as the provision of care, and whether it leads to the formation of a treatment agreement.
  • The digitalisation of health records through the care information system (EPD/ECD), and translating additional risks in relation to availability, integrity and security into the right agreements.
  • The documents used for the purchase or provision of online services and the standard conditions often applied for this, i.e. the General Purchase Conditions in Healthcare (AIVG), the General Purchase Conditions of the Dutch Federation of University Medical Centres (NFU), the general terms and conditions drawn up by NLdigital (formerly Netherlands ICT) and/or the data processing agreement drawn up by the Sector Organisations in Healthcare (BoZ).
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