Legal ICT can work with you to ensure a secure organisation. We can help you to get and keep a grip on information security. This ensures that your security is demonstrably in order, and prevents your employees from being unable to do their work because all systems are locked.

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Protecting your organisation with our security services

Legal ICT helps you to keep an overview and make well-considered choices about the security of your information. This ensures that your information is available when you need it, prevents information from falling into the wrong hands, and protects the quality of your information.

This reduces the risk of reputation damage and financial losses. And perhaps just as importantly, this leaves you more time for your business, and allows you to confidently provide accountability to your stakeholders, such as customers and regulators.

We offer organisations various security options:

security officer

1. Security officer

Do you need a (part-time) security officer for your organisation? Available as an on-site and remote service.

Security abonnement

2. Security subscription

Our security approach and continuous availability of an expert to answer questions from your organisation, for a fixed price per month.

Security advies

3. Security advice

Individual consultancy questions or security projects offered for a fixed fee, as a bundle of hours or for a fixed hourly rate.

"Legal ICT has proved its worth. Quick en concise in communication. Clear advice!"
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Getting a grip on security

Is information security still in its infancy at your organisation, or have you already set up a professional security organisation? Depending on your requirements, we can help you on your way or support you in your daily work.

Our consultants can liaise with all layers of the organisation: from management to the work floor and from sales to IT. In addition, we are in close contact with the lawyers of Legal ICT, so our specialists are also aware of the legal requirements for information security. We offer a comprehensive solution for security and compliance.

Activities offered by Legal ICT:

  • Acting as sparring partner and answering questions from management, the business, IT and other stakeholders
  • Performing baseline measurements, risk analyses and business impact assessments
  • Drawing up a security policy
  • Developing procedures, such as with regard to access security or incidents
  • Performing provider assessments and audits

Our security experts

Meet our security experts. They will be happy to assist your organisation with practical advice:

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