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Are you cancelling your ICT contract? Beware!

Research Legal ICT about storage of medical data in the cloud published

The benefits of privacy investment for your business

When is a DPIA mandatory according to the Belgian Data Protection Authority?

The new Copyright Directive: An update

Google’s appeal of the €50 million GDPR penalty: what is at stake? (part 3)

Google’s appeal of the €50 million GDPR penalty: what is at stake? (part 2)

Google’s appeal of the €50 million GDPR penalty: what is at stake? (part 1)

Breaking: Google fined €50 million by French privacy authority

Brexit deal rejected; should the IT sector prepare for the worst?

Clothing brand Guess: €40 million fine for geo-blocking?

What are the new VAT obligations for e-commerce in the EU?

Is ‘the Internet censorship machine’ really happening? An update on the new Copyright Directive (part 2)

Is ‘hyperlink tax’ really going to be a thing? An update on the new Copyright Directive (part 1)

The CLOUD Act and its consequences

Fast broadband in Belgium… for everyone?

What has happened in the EU in the past 4 months of GDPR?

Livestreaming of funerals, permitted under GDPR?

Finally, the GDPR is in force! But was all that consent spam really necessary?

EC approves 38 million in aid for open (fibre) broadband network in Rivierenland; Legal ICT proud to assist

Art(ificial intelligence)

Legal ICT opens office in Brussels

Can I fire my Data Protection Officer?

Using biometric data? Sensitive under the GDPR!

The Netherlands, a surveillance state?

Is it legal for GHTorrent to aggregate Github user data?

Agent or reseller: which one do I choose?

Extra work: what exactly is it?

Five things you should know about the Dutch data breach laws

What is the license status of StackOverflow code snippets?

EU model clauses generator – the solution to Safe Harbor

Quid pro quo?

Using WhatsApp for your customer service is perfectly legal

Legal guarantee in the Netherlands

What to look out for in a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

The right of cancellation: isn’t that just a service?

How the right open source license can help your community

Dutch privacy law gets teeth: 800k Euro fine for data breaches

The data processer’s agreement: what’s in a name?

Does the Alice decision mean the end of software patents?

Roaming and net neutrality in Europe, is the end really near?

Delivering software as a service, what is legally required?

The privacy statement: do I really need to tell my users everything?!

Protecting software with a license

When is software patentable in Europe?

Notice and Takedown: do you know what to do?

What can you expect from the Privacy Regulation?

The new consumer protection code: are you ready?