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You are legally required to inform your clients, visitors, and employees clearly about what privacy-sensitive data you collect and for what purpose. Even if that purpose is simply to record their data in your customer database. The obligation to inform is laid down in the GDPR. This information is usually provided through a privacy statement. Legal ICT is happy to assist you in checking or drawing up your privacy statement.

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Privacy statement from Legal ICT

All data subjects, such as customers, visitors, website visitors and employees, must be able to easily find the privacy statement and the text must be easy to understand and clear. If you have a website, you can, for example, place a hyperlink to the privacy statement at the bottom of each page in the footer. If you have a web shop, make sure that your order process also includes links to the privacy statement.

You should also inform data subjects in other places where you collect data from them, such as in stores. So make sure that a clear privacy statement is available at all these locations.

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