Checking or drawing up general terms and conditions

Good general terms and conditions are essential for any business in order to create clarity for you and your customers. The nature of your services, the type of clients you have and your working method all are critical aspects here. General terms and conditions are a set of rules you will use in every agreement you make with a customer. Legal ICT is happy to assist you in checking or drawing up your general terms and conditions.

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Legal ICT advises on your general terms and conditions

By having your general terms and conditions checked or drawn up by the legal advisors of Legal ICT, you can be sure that your terms and conditions are suited to your services and that they comply with all relevant laws and regulations. As consumers are better protected by law than business customers, general terms and conditions for consumers are subject to more regulations. 

With general terms and conditions, you provide clarity to your customers as a service provider. However, there are many legal pitfalls that can render general terms and conditions invalid. For example, did you know that:

  • General terms and conditions only apply if they are provided in advance?
  • For e-commerce, it is mandatory that general terms and conditions can be saved as a PDF or in a similar format?
  • Sending the general terms and conditions with the order confirmation is too late to render them applicable?

Quickly generate standard general terms and conditions in our document shop.

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