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The new consumer protection code: are you ready?

| 4 July 2014

The new law to protect consumer rights enters into force.  Are you ready?

After all, there will be a lot of changes, especially with respect to the right to withdraw from a contract. The term during which a party can withdraw from a contract will increase from 7 workdays to 14 calendar days and as an online retailer you are required to provide a model form relating to the right to withdraw. In addition, the right to withdraw will also be applied to services.

If a consumer exercises the right to withdraw, it is important that you repay the amount he or she has paid within 14 calendar days. This term used to be 30 calendar days.

Another (much discussed) change regards the payment button: this should now clearly state that an order involves a payment obligation.

Neither are paid numbers necessarily allowed: existing customers should be able to contact you free of charge within the context of an agreed contract.

It is no longer allowed to pre-check boxes for extras, such as cancellation insurance or a rental car: The customer should be able to check this him or herself.

There is also slightly more clarity about the exceptions to the right to withdraw from a contract: for example, products that cannot be returned for reasons of hygiene are excepted from the right to withdraw. These products can be sent sealed so that the customer can’t simply open or use them.

If you have any questions regarding this new law? Ask them here!